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Calorie Free Products!

Not sure how healthy the ingredients are... probably not very, so these should be used to make healthy meals taste better. I haven't tried this yet, but can't resist posting something so exciting right away!

No calories at all? No fat, sugar, gluten, or carbs! How do they do it?

Concentrated Natural Flavors

Walden Farms irresistibly sweet calorie free specialties are prepared with real fruit extracts, concentrated natural flavors, rich cocoa and other natural ingredients, all sweetened with Splenda. Our savory specialties are made with hundreds of freshly ground herbs and spices, concentrated natural flavors and the finest aged imported and domestic vinegars.
If anyone tries it, please comment and let us know how it went! I know will probably order a thing or two to try.
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The Juice Fasting Bible

  1. Benefits of a Juice Fast
  2. Detoxing for Greater Health
  3. Best Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing
  4. Juice Fasting Safety and Prep
  5. Choose a Program for Your Fast
  6. Handling Your Fast Well
  7. Glorious Juice Recipes
  8. Ending Your Fast Properly
The book comes from a very safe angle, but illustrates instructions and benefits of fasts as long as 14 days and beyond, starting with short detox fasts.

The book is only $9.32 on sale at Amazon.com. Juicers are another matter. They range in price anywhere from about $25 to $325. No matter which one in the range you can afford, every house should have one of these. They're good for making anything from home made ice cream, popsicles, soup, to fruit and veggie juices for fasting.

Have fun!
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Raw = Skinny!

Look how skinny they are! This is for real girls! Don't just survive, thrive!

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30 Ways To Burn More Cals!

1. Walk or bike places instead of driving

2. Turn up the music and sing along really loud!

3. Eat spicy food, the heat actually makes you burn off calories!

4. Dance

5. Drink a glass of cold water before you exercise, you burn up 100 extra calories warming up again

6. Turn the shower on cold for 20 seconds before you get out, that’s another 100 calories or so!

7. Stretch your muscles during the day – toned muscles burn up more energy all the time, even when you’re not doing much

8. Watch a funny movie, laughter tones up your stomach muscles and burns up energy

9. Eat celery, if you don’t like the taste of celery, dip it into sauce, watch it soak up, then have flavored celery!

10. Play tag

11. Take some friends out to the park and kick a ball back and forth

12. Take the stairs often as possible

13. Have a romantic night in with you partner

14. Fidget, bounce around, tap your feet

15. Wash the car yourself

16. Vary your workout, stop your body getting used to it

17. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth, this regulates your heart rate and ups your endurance

18. Housework! Vacuuming and dusting burns calories

19. Take a friend’s dog for a walk (or your own, if you’ve got one)

20. Exercise during commercial breaks while watching tv

21. Pace around during a long phone call

22. Stand on tip-toes while brushing your teeth

23. Wander around when you’re waiting

24. Be immature and play skipping games, jump on the bed, and be silly

25. Get enough sleep. A good night’s rest will help you burn 40% more

26. Drink a glass of water before you eat, you’ll eat less

27. Eat slowly, let your food go down, and you’ll eat less

28. Drink lots of green tea, it ups your metabolism

29. Have a cup of coffee, cut the sugar and have low-fat milk and it will speed your metabolism and flush out your digestive system

30. When you walk, swing your arms and give yourself a full-body work out!
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Step 4: Know Your Fat Burn Zone and Work Out

One cannot get skinny and sexy off dieting alone. Ok, skinny yes, but sexy no. Diet is fine if that's all you can do, but if you want to hit your goal weights twice as fast, you have to move your ass.

The good news is that working out harder isn't necessarily better. Your body has a specific heart rate that creates an ideal condition for burning fat right off you.

This is the heart rate and ideal calorie burn range of a 130 lb woman.

By staying within her Fat Burn Zone she burned about 10% MORE fat than when she did more strenuous exercise. Less calories were burnt, but more fat was used.

Now it's your turn...
Find out your Heart Rate Zones.

When you work out, stick to your Fat Burn Zone no matter what activity you pick to work out and you'll get skinnier sooner!
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Step 3: Pick Your Team

Moving forward, we must assume you've done Step 1, and probably also did Step 2 while you were doing Step 1.

By Step 3, you are no longer a carb/sugar addict. For someone wanting a binge-free life, there is nothing more liberating... difficult as it was to get there. But now you are at a fork in the road and need to make your own personal decision what path you will follow. You need to pick the dietary lifestyle that will take you from here.

"How will I know which to pick??"

I suggest picking whatever one includes things you like best. Always play to your strengths if you want to succeed.

"Ok, what are my options?"

Lifestyle Menu A: Low Carb Living

You have come this far using the Atkins philosophy. For most people, this is a temporary fix, but if you're the sort that can't live without BBQ, or Dairy, this is probably the best choice for you. And if you are blood type O, yes, this is the one. Foods you will be able to eat include meats of every size and shape, cheeses, low-carb ranch and blue cheese dressings and dips, raw veggies that grow above ground (root veggies are too high in starch/carb). Fruits are an occasional item, and desserts like cheesecake are ok as long as they are made sweet with Splenda or some Stevia extract. You can grab an Atkins book or use the South Beach diet as a guide. Once you get used to the food lists and carb counts, it becomes pretty effortless. Some people also take the low-fat route with this diet by sticking to lean meats and fish as the primary source of protein.

This diet is an excellent way to continue losing weight, especially if you work out, however, expect to have less energy during an intense workout. Without the extra carbs, you'll need to put a bit more heart into your hard physical efforts.

Lifestyle Menu B: The High Energy, Low-Fat Lifestyle

This take on nourishment is for people who naturally grab a piece of fruit on the run. It can be done as a vegetarian, eating beans, nuts, and seeds for protein, and focusing on nutritious whole grains at meal time. If wild rice pilaf, quinoa, tabouli, steamed vegetables, potatoes, carrots, raw salads, olive oil and vinegar dressings, and fresh fruit sound good to you, maybe some fish and seafood, this is probably the diet for you. You have to be careful, sticking to the complex carbs and not slip into the evil simple and processed ones.

This diet can be done with lean meats, but vegetarian is recommended. Some people include fish and seafood because they are high in nutrients and have very little fat. Your calories should end up on the light side without all the fats beefing it up... pun intended.

This is your "average healthy diet" slightly modified from the ones found in P90X, and the other host of Beachbody and gym recommended diets. You can tune it yourself to hit your calorie goals.

Lifestyle Menu C: Raw aka The Supermodel Diet aka The Binge Killer

This is the most uncommon diet of the bunch and by far the healthiest you'll ever come across. You will not find the Raw Food or Supermodel Diet recommended often in the mainstream because no one can make money off of it since there are not products to promote. Raw foods. Nothing could be simpler. If it grew on its own you eat it, if it has so much as a scratch, scrape or slice, much less any sort of modification, you don't eat it. Au naturale at it's finest, this is a real model/hippie diet. If you are attracted to peace, love, avocados, smoothies, raw nuts, raw fish, salads, slaws, fresh fruits and veggies, this is the one for you.

Having done this most recently, I have to say that it might be the hardest one to relate to because we generally grew up cooking and being cooked for. There are some fun raw recipes and can be some preparation, but everything is so different, there is definitely some initial culture shock. You'll get over it quickly though when you realize how lazy you can be. You don't cook. Ever. Its an amazing time saver. The food is cheap, healthy, and couldn't be more low cal. Everything you eat is a "living food" and as a result is so rich in nutrients and enzymes that you will never have another craving again. Oh... and with some of these recipes, you can actually eat a brownie for breakfast (for 106 calories) that will satisfy your every urge and keep you skinny as your heart desires.

A good source to learn up on these are Ani Phyo, former supermodel Carol Alt (Eating in the Raw, and The Raw 50), and I highly recommend the book Living Cuisine by Renee Lous Underkoffler (forward by Woody Harrelson).

There are a couple schools of thought in the raw community, some are strictly vegan, others allow meat or dairy only if it is also raw, while others again will aim for a 100% whole food diet which is about 70%-90% raw. No matter which you choose, you really can't go wrong, and can't help getting very skinny.

Lifestyle Menu D: Keeping It Simple, The Dip Diet

This diet can be a combination of any of the above. It's very simple. At each meal, you get fresh fruits, veggies, or grilled meat, and 2.5 ounces of whatever low-carb dip you like... cheese dips, bean dips, onion dips, veggie dips, salsa, cream cheese, yogurt dips, clam dips, spinach dips, hummus, etc. (no caramel, peanut butter, or chocolate dips, sorry). The dip doesn't have to be healthy, just not jammed with sugar. That's it.

You can't eat too much, can't get high cal, can't help losing weight. The dip diet will give you 600 - 800 calorie days. No, you're not allowed to dip chips or anything. Just whole foods chopped into dip-sized pieces.

Lifestyle Menu E: I dunno, you tell me...

If you find a diet you like more, roll with it. I don't recommend any others because I think they set you up for failure. Jenny Craig my left ass cheek... The packaged meals are processed and will leave you nutritionally sound and low-cal-ish, but with cravings and dissatisfaction. Plus, have you ever seen one of those people actually skinny? They're usually just a thinner shade of fat.

The Bottom Line

My ultimate suggestion is the Supermodel Diet... Raw as you can possibly be. I've read everything, tried most of it, been skinny, been fat, and worked my ass off. I can tell you, nothing feels as incredible and causes you to be as thin as eating Raw. I've also worked in Hollywood, and celebs, models, and other super skinny stars... this is what they do. They work out, they go to spas to keep looking young, and they eat raw foods. Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Heidi Klum, and basically anyone who lasts because this is the only way to be super thin AND super healthy.

The details are really up to you.
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Guilt-Free Binge Crusher

Cherry Arugula Salad

First set down a plate.
Second, place a nice thick layer of fresh arugula.
Third, slice and set down a medium tomato fresh from the vine.
Next, layer some spring greens mix.
Dress it by drizzling 1 tbsp of your favorite low carb vinegarette.
Top with a half cup of fresh, seeded cherries and 1 tbsp sunflower seeds.

243 calories, full of vitamins, minerals, and raw food enzymes.
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